Friday, October 19, 2007

New addition

Remember that band? hahaha! Anyway we have a new addition to our Mojo Girls and here she is...

1. Name: Jessica Summers

2. What is your Day job?
Mom and domestic diva.

3. Do you have a spouse, children..pets?
I have two kids, Anberlin and Sebastian, who are perfect offspring of their parents. I call them my "Lady and the Tramp" kids because my daughter Anberlin has dark hair like me and my son Sebastian has platinum blond hair like his daddy once had. My husband is in the US Army and is a total scrapbooking enabler. He never complains about my spending and always tells me, "if you want it, buy it."

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link.

5. How long have you been scrap booking?
A little less than three years. I got my first scrapbook kit type thing when I was pregnant with Anberlin. I kinda just wrinkled my nose at it...maybe b/c it was not really my style of kit or whatever. Little did I know that was the catalyst to a new obsession. Thinking back though, I had plenty of journals that had photos of friends, doodles, and lots of quotes that caught my eye. I really became a full fledge scrapper this last year. My husband was deployed for a year to Korea and I needed something to make the days go by faster and a way to cope with missing him. Now that I'm fully into it, I've taken to scrapbooking naturally. I am at ease doing it.

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts?
A lot of the time, I'll surf the scrap sites. If I see a layout I like, I do a quick sketch of it in my notebook and come back to it later. I also like looking at sites like delias, forever 21,, to find cute designs or phrases. MUSIC! Lyrics (like from Fall Out Boy, The Format, or Alkaline Trio to name a few) are wonderful for titles. Oh and I can't forget tattoos and flash.

7. What is your must-have item on a layout (other than the necessities)?
I've been implementing puff paint alot lately. I love my unicorn pen (LOL!!), Gelly Roll Glaze/Souffle pens are a MUST and pretty much anything that can cause chaos.

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique?
Ugh! This is a hard question to answer because my style constantly changes with my moods. Some days I prefer clean and simple lines. Other days it's one of those "chaotic, holy-hell-can-she-fit-anymore -crap-on-that-layout?" type of days. I do like trying to use my own drawings/art in my layouts. I have a sketchbook of tattoos that I started a few years ago. I was tired of seeing it sit on my bookshelf, collecting dust, so I started cutting out the drawings to use as embellishments. I like mixing up fonts and love long titles. I also find myself saving tags from clothes that I buy and using them on layouts.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process?
I start out with a photo and begin looking for papers that match the mood. I browse the net for inspiration or sketch something from my mind. Then I just go with it. I really don't have a rhyme and reason to my craziness. I'm a really slow scrapper. LOL.

10. Where can we see more of your work at (online galleries, etc.) /places/Xoxojess username: Xoxojess username: xoxojess username: xoxojess username: xoxojess

And here is her lovely page...

Isn't she adorable and talented?

Ok on to our sneak peeks!!

Delicious! Don't forget to come back tmw to see them and the challenge revealed! I think you're gonna love it!


**melissa lee** said...

Woo-hoo!!! Love all the sneakie-peakies!!! They look like they will be awesome!!!

Lizee said...

of course miss jessica has the flawless glitter-stash picture!
welcome to mojo jess!!!

ur look amazing!!!

Michelle said...

Yummy glaze and souffle pens! Nice sneak peeks.

*fauve* said...

She is beautiful!And her work is too!LOve the sneaks!

rosie said...

Congratulations~*~*~Jessica***! WTG

Can't wait to see the challenge, the sneak peaks look delish!

Nessa said...

can't wait to see the challenge

her layouts are so beautiful,great choice

micayla said...

Congrats Miss Jess, glad to have you on board!!!!