Monday, November 19, 2007

Sneak peeks and Guest Mojo Girl

So here we go...We have a guest Mojo Girl this time around...And let me tell you she is one talented doll.

1. Name: Michelle Jacquemet

2. What is your “Day” job?
I have two part time jobs while I look for a full time job. I work as a salesperson at a year round Christmas store and as a receptionist on Sunday’s at Alain Pinel Realtors. I also do freelance portrait photography.

3. Do you have a spouse…children…pets?
I have a wonderful boyfriend, Dan! I don’t have any children but I do have an albino dwarf hamster named Banana Hammock (and he did have a sister named Princess Consuela).

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on?
I love to blog. I average 3-4 times per week. Its called Mission Creativity.

5. How long have you been scrap booking?
I have been scrapping for about a year and a half. My friend got me into it because she had foot surgery over summer break. We would scrap for about 12 hours once a week. I found the online world of scrapping and have become completely addicted.

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts?
Photographs are my #1 inspiration. If I have a good photo then I’m inspired. I find my inspiration in the most unlikely places. I love going to Mel’s Diner in San Francisco because of the amazing atmosphere. They have these adorable scalloped placemats that just get my creative juices flowing.

7. What is your “must-have” item on a layout (other than the necessities)?
Hambly overlays or rub ons 100%. I love their vibrant colors and the happiness their products bring to me. They remind me of being young and carefree.

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique?
My style is very colorful and playful. I love to experiment and just see where things go. My favorite technique is to sew with embroidery floss and doodle on the page. I’m really enjoying making my own embellishments too.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process?
I start by getting photos printed (at I look through my stash to see if I have anything that will work and if I don’t I go shopping. How I love to shop! I look through a few blogs or go to a gallery and browse. I try to have a movie with really neat art direction on in the background for additional inspiration while I scrap. Then I comb through my stash and find every possible thing that might look cool for the layout and start placing stuff on the paper. I do this for a very long time since I often find there is more than one way I like it. I don’t start gluing stuff until it just feels right. Once I have the placement of all of the papers and photos the way I want it then I add the title and embellishments. Then I add some paint, glitter, doodling, and inking and then I’m done.

10. Where can we see more of your work at (online galleries, etc).
You can find my galleries at SisTv, TwoPeas, EBB Creations, Flickr, Etsy, and at Mission Creativity.

I bet you cant wait to see what she did! Well you wont want to miss it. Here is just a taste of the awesomeness from our Mojo Girls.

Don't forget to come back tmw for the next challenge! We have a wonderful sponsor and really awesome pages to show you! It's a easy one so don't be scared! We hope to see you tmw!


**melissa lee** said...

Congrats, Michelle, on the guest DT!!!!

All the sneaks look fabulous, ladies!! Can't wait to see them!

Nicole said...

I bet it's...what are you thankful for and you have to use ribbon?
I can't wait to see more...

Amanda Kay said...

Cant' wait for this one. I had fun on the last one. You girls rock!

Meredith Taylor said...

I can't wait to check out the challenge today! Your sneak peaks look so amazing!

Michelle said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of those beautiful layouts!

Michelle said...

Yay, Michelle! Congrads on the guest DT!