Friday, January 4, 2008

Challenge numero Seis (6)

So I said I was going to announce something yesterday but I decided to wait till today to do it all at once...I'm so excited and sad at the same time. We must say goodbye to one of our dear sweet Mojo girls Lizee (cry tears wah!) and say hello to a new sweet Mojo Girl Christina (happiness cheer jump for joy )!!

She was to be our "Guest" Mojo Girl but after getting the news of our sweet Lizees departure I decided to ask her to come on as a bonafied real deal holy Field Mojo Girl. Now don't fret my little chickadees! No cries of unfairness please! I also was going to add 2 more Mojo Girls! So this is that official call for you my dears. Show me your best 3 layouts and or altered projects by Feb 5th and we will make a decision on who will get to join our lovely talented team! How exciting is that?

Ok so I have stole the spotlight long enough from Miss Christina here she is to tell us a little bit about herself.

Christina Clouse

2. What is your Day job?During the day, I am a senior customer service quality analysis specialist and facilitator for payroll and benefits related call center representatives at Starbucks. (try saying that 10 times fast!) I have my payroll certification, but my current job lets me work more with people and less with numbers... which is a good thing.

3. Do you have a spouse¡¦children..pets?I have a boyfriend named Greg. I suppose I could call him my domestic partner....We've been together for about eight and a half years. We don't have any pets, but I do have a three year old coffee tree named Bob that seems to be thriving.

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link.Why yes. Everyone needs a little Eye Candy every now and then. Come visit me!

5. How long have you been scrap booking?I seriously got into scrapbooking about a year and a half ago, although I've always loved playing with art supplies and taking photographs.

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts?A lot of my inspiration comes from the photos, and the products I use, but when I am seriously stuck, I will go and visit fabulous challenge sites like ScrapMojo or online galleries.

7. What is your ¡°must-have¡± item on a layout (other than the necessities)?My Dymo Label Maker is pretty much a staple of my scrap supplies. I just love the way it looks (especially when compared to my handwriting).

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique?Hmmm.. I don't know if I really have a "traditional style." It's very freestyle and quirky...Let's call it: Funky Fabulous.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process?Me scrapping goes a little bit like this:
- Clear space on desk big enough for craft mat to be (mostly) clear enough to work on.
- Choose size of project (mini-book, 8.5x11, 12x12, whatever...)
- Select picture(s) and tweak in photoshop until it looks all purdy.
- Print picture out and trim as needed.
- Select base background cardstock or PP.
- Pick three or four base colors and choose embellishments.
- Throw stuff on the page until it looks like it's had "enough"
- Fondle my Thickers collection until I find a font/texture that will work for my title.
- Forget to put scrap stuff away, leave everything piled on desk.

10. Where can we see more of your work at (online galleries, etc.)
I like to hang out at Scrap in Style:
I also design for Sweet Spuds (a kit club that ROCKS):
And recently I got into the whole Etsy thing:

Isnt she fab!

As for the challenge....It goes like this, Scrap a resolution that you repeat year after year. You know the one. It's got a permanent spot on your new years resolution list. We would also like you to sew on this layout. Hand or machine doesn't matter. Not to hard right? Enough to get you going for a week or two? Well the prize should get you motivated even more. Heather owner of Everythingscrappn has some very cool stuff and she promised to put together some brand new goodies for ya. I heard some sei Jolie chocolat! Very awesome!


If that still isn't enough to get you going then take a gander at our Mojo Girls takes on this challenge.










I know I know to much excitement for one post right?!?! Well then get off this computer go and grab those scrap supplies and let that Mojo flow! (*due Jan 15th*)


michele said...

love the layouts ladies! I have been stalking your blog for a while, and I think I'm gonna try this challenge!

**melissa lee** said...

WOW!!! Fabulous layouts girls!!! Love EVERY single one of them!

Lindsay said...

Welcome aboard, Christina! I just know you'll create lots and lots of lovely layouts for us all to see! Yippee!

This challenge totally rocked! Love what all you other Mojo Girls did with it, now I can't wait to see what all you ladies other there create!! :)

Colleen said...

Congrats Christina!

Great challenge and amazing layouts ladies!

Michelle said...

Yay, welcome Christina! And so sorry to see you go, Lizee...=( Lotsa news in that post!! Loving the pages, as always girls...=)

Anissa said...

Love the Layouts! Here's mine:

adripofcoffee said...

Here's my submission... i've been wanting to try one of these for a while and finally had the time. thanks for the inspiration ladies!

Lillsisslill said...

Congrats Christina!!!

"by Feb 5th "...DOH!!!

dori said...

omg... love your work as always! i tried this challenge out and it's on my blog!

*fauve* said...

Congrats Christina,youre work is amazing!And girlie's,youre work looks awesome again!!

BR@NDY said...

Congrat christina. This site is very cool! I will be back for sheezy!

Sunnymommie said...

everyone's LOs are awesome!!!

here is mine

Momma Twitch said...

I posted my lo on my blog for challenge number 6. :)

Crystal said...

OOH I did it!! Im so happy to have done a page. LOL

Cassandra West said...

I've posted my LO....I hope this is ok?

Mollie said...

Here's Mine!

Kelly said...

So much to take in in this post! The layouts are fab & the news about the call is great!

Sharmaine said...

Love everyones work!! Awesome!!
Here is mine, THANK YOU!!

Amanda Kay said...

Well here is mine girls....

Loved all the inspiration!


Gillian said...

Phew! Got mine in just on time :) Here it is!

dori said...

my DT layout is on my blog! it's the pin up girl layout.