Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sneaky sneaks and a clue.

Well the clue has been up for a couple days but in case you didn't see it go check it. Do you like the new look to Mojo? There is more to come...So we hope you are liking it. I have some sneaks for you!

We also have a phenomenal guest Mojo Girl...I cant wait for you to see who! She will be announced on the 19th...Tmw the winner so make sure to come back for that! Thanks everyone for playing along with us!


Keely Yowler said...

I LOVE your blog! I'll be back for more!

Anissa said...

ohhhh cant wait to play with some 'trash' ;)

... or to see all the new changes around here.

... or to find out who the guest Mojo Girl is.

... or to see who the challenge seis winner is.

... OR to see who makes the team!!

So much happening around here!