Sunday, April 20, 2008

Challenge #13

Yo yo yiggity yo! SO I was sitting here listening to my Juno soundtrack and realized how much I really love it and the movie. It dawned on me that I love it soo much it had to be made into a challenge some way some how...This is what I came up with. Use any of these song titles (anywhere) on your layout...

Juno" tracklist
01. "All I Want Is You" ­ Barry Louis Polisar
02. "Rollercoaster" ­ Juno Film Version - Kimya Dawson
03. "A Well Respected Man" ­ The Kinks
04. "Dearest" ­ Buddy Holly
05. "Up The Spout" ­ Mateo Messina
06. "Tire Swing" ­ Kimya Dawson
07. "Piazza, New York Catcher" ­ Belle & Sebastian
08. "Loose Lips" ­ Kimya Dawson
09. "Superstar" ­ Sonic Youth
10. "Sleep" ­ Instrumental - Kimya Dawson
11. "Expectations" ­ Belle & Sebastian
12. "All The Young Dudes" ­ Mott The Hoople
13. "So Nice So Smart" ­ Kimya Dawson
14. "Sea of Love" ­ Cat Power
15. "Tree Hugger" ­ Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants
16. "I'm Sticking With You" ­ Velvet Underground
17. "Anyone Else but You" ­ The Moldy Peaches
18. "Vampire" ­ Antsy Pants
19. "Anyone Else But You" ­ Ellen Page and Michael Cera

2nd part

Use any of these images from the movie as inspiration for your lo.

It can be the lettering, it can be the colors, it can be the placement, it can be anything!

You are playing for a fantabulous kit from none other then The Dozens!!! They are the cheese to my macaroni.

Our own Michelle C. created some paper for this months kit! It is soo awesome. Go look at it because it is guaranteed to make you drool.

Speaking of drool look at what we came up with....












Oh my blog! Wipe that drool from your chin and go create something that will make us have to do the same! *Remember due April 30th*


Cristina&David said...

Yeah ! Another fantastic mojo !!!! ;)
thanks alot for the inspo girls, you're so talented and so inspirind !!!!!

ToneF said...

Oh, so many cool songs to choose from :D

alolette said...

i really love that movie and i have also the soundtrack that i love love love!

but i am french...

can i participate too???



shelly b said...

Fantastic job ladies! love this challenge!

Sanderijn said...

I got immediately inspiration, so thank you so much for this great challenge! Love all your layouts, you're so talented!!!
here is mine:

On my blog I explain how I interpreted the challenge

Michelle said...

Love em girls! What an awesome prize!

Gwendolyn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the challenge. I had the perfect picture to use. Here is the result:

Kristy said...

Love the challenge, love the movie, love the soundtrack!

Thanks for the inspiration.

Here's mine:


Michelle said...

Ahh...the Dozens' is the cheese to my macaroni...=) lol..and thanks for the shout-out! Lovin everyone's pages and I can't wait to see the entries for this one!!

*Fauve* said...

wOw girls,fantastic!You all rock my world :D

Ladybastard said...

funny challenge!
here is mine ^_^

Sharmaine said...

Thanks people!
I love that I got to tell this story.

alolette said...

here's my LO

thanks a lot


killerxkim said...

hey ladies! thank you for the great challenge! this is my first time submitting with you!

here's mine;

(i also added my own 'rule'- i had to make all my own embellishment. :D )

Frauke said...

I don´t know the movie but I did my layout.
It´s here:

TFL Frauke

keandra said...

i don't know why my other coments didn't register but i'm trying again! this challenge inspired me so much that i did two lo's! yo can visit them here:

Kimmy said...

Fab inspiration... & the Bush page! LMAO. You are made of win.

believe_in_magic said...

Yippee! Hooray! My first challenge is done in record time. I totally wanted to participate in The Office one (absolute favorite show of all time- AND I am surrounded by aluring office supplies 40 hours a week), but didn't stumble across this site until the day it was due. Uberbummer.

But here is my Juno inspired layout: Enjoy. Oh, and pick me! Pick me!

TheresaK said...

Here is my take:

This was fun!!

FormerlyLisaS said...

My fave soundtrack...and I've never even seen the movie!!

all I want is you

loren0219 said...

I loved this challege soo much!!! First challenge im doing for here. i hope yall like it.

Donna said...

I finished the challenge!

I loved Juno and this was so fun to do!

You can see my layout here:

Brita said...

Great challenge!

Here`s my LO;

Marjolein said...

I think I'll have to catch up on this one, broke my tailbone last Monday and can't sit for a long time in a row... Hopefully the next one it will be better, but I love all your layouts girls!!

Safo said...

Here's mine:

Thanks for the inspiration.

patri oliveira said...

Here is mine... Thank you, girls for more inspirations...

ToneF said...

Oh, this was sooo fun to do!!! Thank you so much for a very fun challenge :D
Here is my take on it:

ToneF said...
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redmom said...

I loved this one, as soon as I saw Tire Swing I knew exactly which photos to use! Tnks for the inspiration!

Inga said...

Hi there,

had fun when trying out this challenge.

Here is my LO:

Frauke said...

I´m not quiet sure if the first link to my layout is working, my daughter told me she has to log in to see it.So I´m trying another one.

TFL Frauke

Amanda Ann said...

Finished mine last night! I had a BLAST with this challenge! Thanks ladies!!

nscropper said...

LOVED this challenge. :)
You can view mine here:

Nichole said...

My first entry! Good luck everyone! This was SUPER inspiring!

Cristina&David said...

Hi girls ! Here is my take !!!!!
i choose "dearest" song, and add some masking tape strips as inspo from the image, and a little bit of orange through the planet !
TFL !!!!!

It was so funny and inspiring.. as ever ! Thanks so much for the mojo ! ;)

Ashley Peak said...

Awesome challenge, because that movie really did rock too hard! Here's my layout...


Muriel said...

Here is mine!
This is also my first time to enter a challenge abroad.

Hope you like it!!

Lots of Love from holland,

Muriel XOXO

Ashley said...

This is my first mojo challenge. I love this movie so I had to do it. Great!

Muriel said...

i have made a blog, maybe this is easier :)

Greetz Muriel

enfa.75 said...

Hi!!!!My first scrapmojo challenge,hoping i'm not late!!!!!
Here's my layout

tfl...thanks for inspiration!!!!!

bye Enri

Frauke said...

So sorry, but it seems the links to my layout doesn´t work.
So here´s where you can find it :

TFL Frauke

aranka jacobs said...

Here is my LO for this weeks challenge:

Love, Aranka

Trish said...

Great challenge. Here is mine:

enfa.75 said...

Hi!!!Hope i'm in time for this challenge..Here is my layout:
Thanks for inspiration!!!!

anne_rausminiu said...

oh the challenge is sooo awesome! and i love the layouts! specialy BAD BUSH!!! yeah!!

here is my layout..

also posted in the flickr group!

elizabeth said...

I had great fun with this challenge- hope I'm not too late:)
Thanks for fun inspiration! Here's mine:


Here is my take on the challenge :D

looooved it :D

Nicole said...

Stripes are fun! I love this soundtrack too, so thank you!

Tammy said...

This was so fun!! Here's my take:

_Kine said...

Oops. I missed the deadline, but I just wanted to say that this was a fab challenge and I will do it anyway :)