Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sneaks and Mojo goodness

We have some sad news and some good news. I will give you the sad first. Our lovely Mojo girl Michelle C. is leaving us. She is such a busy girl and had to make room for some her time. We totally understand and will miss her immense talent and wonderful personality. We do however have someone new joining us and her name is Marcia. She is very talented and we are so excited to have her as a new Mojo girl.

1.Name Marcia Hamelijnck-Brugmans

2. What is your ¡°Day¡± job? I own a scrapbook and rubberstamp store and a wholesale business in scrapbooking supplies.

3. Do you have a spouse¡¦children..pets? I'm married to Dirk. We fell in love at the gradution prom of our school and are very much in love since :-)! No kids yet, but we would love to have kids in a few years from now!

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link. Here's my blog

5. How long have you been scrap booking? I started out as a rubberstamper about 9 years ago. A few years ago I started scrapbooking "on the side" and I was hooked immediately. So now it's my main hobby, but I still like to use stamps a lot and I also design my own stamp sheets.

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts? Hm.....let me, store windows, MTV, movies... and I'm totally inspired when I've browsed the SIS gallery!

7. What is your ¡°must-have¡± item on a layout (other than the necessities)? I use Thickers a lot! Besides that I cannot get my hands off the stapler :-) and lately I really love my edge distresser!

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique? It changes a lot. I like to be versatile. But overall it's kinda freestyle.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process? I just start with one idea (a color combo, a photo, a quote, a piece of paper I want to use) and I work my way around that. It always turns out very different from the original idea though.

10. Where can we see more of your work (online galleries, etc.)You can see more of me on Scrap in Style ( SIS Marciaaa), my blog, my store website and in a Dutch magazine called "Creatief met Foto's".

We also have a wonderful Guest Mojo girl. Pls leave her some love! She is amazing!

1.Name: My name is Nathalie Kalbach - in short Nat ;-)

2. What is your Day job? I'm a paralegal in an law office dealing with human right's cases.

3. Do you have a spouse children..pets? I'm married to Jim who actually is an American. We do have a fun cat named Niles who needs us to be able to ignore us .

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link.I have a blog here:

5. How long have you been scrap booking?I started after our marriage in the United States in August 2004. I wanted to create a cool photoalbum and my husband asked me if I meant a Scrapbook. I had no clue what he was talking about as at that time Scrapbooking was fairly unknown in Germany. I did some research found cool papers and websites and got hooked right away.

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts? Everywhere- LOL - I know this is such a common answer. But it is true. Often times just on my walk to work and back. I listen to music and look around in the city and somehow ideas come up. Also by reading books and listening to music.

7. What is your must-have item on a layout (other than the necessities)?Paint!!! There is something so freeing to use paint on a layout! Opening the bottle and put it on the paper is the most fun for me.

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique?Mmmmhhh - I would say it is Freestyle incorporating Mixed Media Style. Is that a style? LOL. My favorite techniques are all techniques that involve paints or adding texture on a background. I love my layouts being tactile. I share a lot of those techniques on my blog.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process?SLOOOOOOWWWWW - like a snail - LOL.Seriously it takes a long time for me to finish a layout. I mostly have an idea for a title or for the journaling first, then search for the fitting photo. Then look for the papers and elements I want to use. I start with creating a background - which mosten times take a long of time due to drying etc. Then I start layering my materials on the layout - cut and put it together - and the thinking process starts. LOL. And finally when I'm satisfied I glue it all down -and it looks yet different again - lol.

10. Where can we see more of your work (online galleries, etc.)I upload my layouts on my blog, at ScrapInStyle and on 2Peas

Last but not least our wonderful sneaks.

Make sure to come back tmw for the full challenge!


Michelle said...

We'll miss you Michelle! Welcome to Scrap Mojo Marcia. And thanks for guest designing Natalie.

Helena said...

I'll be back, these look so cool!!


nscropper said...

Lots of fun. Not sure if my first one went properly.