Sunday, July 20, 2008

Challenge 18 & Guest Mojo Girl

We have a wonderful beautiful lady who has joined us this challenge. She is a very good friend and a fabulous scrapbooker. I know you will fall in love with her work as much as I and many have.

Kerry Lynn

2. What is your Day job?

sahm, official diet dr pepper taster, short order cook & maid. :)

> 3. Do you have a spouse children..pets?

i'm married to my husband mike and we have to beautiful children. our
madison's fish, nemo, won at the fair two years ago, survives solely due
to my kindness and feedings.

> 4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link.

you can find more of my work and read the daily blabberings of my life on
my blog :

> 5. How long have you been scrapbooking?

i've been a paper crafter for years, but entered the world of scrapbooking
about a year and a half ago and i've never looked back. who could when
there's all of this luscious print and pattern to adore.

> 6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts?

mostly from craft blogs and magazines, as well as home decor sites like
decor 8 and print & pattern. but i also use vintage elements on almost
everything so often it's a special piece i've found that starts a project.

> 7. What is your ¡°must-have¡± item on a layout (other than the
> necessities)?

right now it's vintage fabric.

> 8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite
> technique?

oh my, i don't really like labeling what i do, but vintage eclectic is
probably the closet thing i could label myself with. the problem with
labeling is that you go through phases, and i think my "style" changes as
i am inspired. sometimes it's more like collage, sometimes it's graphic,
depends on what i put together.

> 9. Can you describe your scrapping process?

honestly, most of the time i just feel an urge to make something. i grab
some supplies and some pictures and just create. but there are times when
a specific memory or a something i've been processing hits me and i need
to get it out. right now.

> 10. Where can we see more of your work (online galleries, etc.)

right now i post all of my work on my blog and in my flickr gallery :

thanks for asking me girls!!

Our challenge for you this time around is to ask someone in your family or someone close to you what they would do if they had a Million dollars. Scrap their answers. Try to include a pic of the person. The second part of your challenge is to use a pen/pin anywhere on your page. You could use a pen for your journaling or a stick pin on the page. Here are our pages.

Kerry Lynn








Post your page links here no later then the 31st of July and you may win this...

A fabulous prize from Living Room Floor So make sure you get that page done no later then July 31st. Thanks so much for playing!


Jill Deiling said...

what a great challenge!! I love everyone's layouts, can't wait to play along on this one!

Shannon said...

What a fun challenge, and the prize is awesome... I love the layouts....


PetiteCheri said...

Fab prompt! I am totally going to have to think about this one then try and put it on some paper!

metrochic said...

YAY! i love seeing her beautiful face. i am going to do one tonight!!! :) WOOHOO!

Genevieve said...

Wow, first one! This was just the prompt I needed to get a page finished I had started, so thanks chickies!

Here it is:

TFL! Geneviève

misskarine said...

Wow! Loved this challenge so much couldn't wait a minute more...

it's here on my flickr:

Love the fabulous prize also... hehe!

rico said...

Great cahllenge!
I asked my son the question instead of my hasband. By the way, he just turned three!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

aww this is a awesome challenge

metrochic said...


metrochic said...

oh, i hope my layout link posted!

just in case. :)

Shannon said...

Okay here's mine.

you can find it under the July 25th post....

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Here is mine! :):):) Thanks for the MOST AMAZING challenge! :):):)

Julie :):):)

alolette said...

here is my LO:



Sharmaine said...

Great challenge
Here is my page

maxell said...

Great question, great challenge, great pages, great answers...

I had to close a deal to get the answer. :) Anyway, here is my take "Imagine you had 1 million $s"

Thanks for prompting med to complete this challenge

Georgia Visacri said...

here's mine:

thanks for this challenge!!

Ginger Dougherty said...

So here's my link
Thanks for looking!!!

Diane B. said...

Just in the nick of time! Here's my first shot at a challenge!