Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Challenge 20

We have a retro-fun challenge in store for you this time around. We all had a fun time and I think you will agree our guest ROCKED it out of the HOUSE. Did our clue give you any ideas? Well here is our challenge... Use any of the titles from School House Rocks collection on your layout. Here is a list.

Three Is a Magic Number

My Hero, Zero

Elementary, My Dear

The Four-Legged Zoo

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Naughty Number Nine

A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing

Electricity, Electricity

Them Not-So-Dry Bones

The Great American Melting Pot

There are more titles here if none of these suit you.!

The second part of this challenge is going to give your page some pizazz! Use glitter somewhere on this creation. Simple as that!

You are playing for a lovely kit from Coordinates Collection!

Beautiful fun and bright kits! They sell out quick so here is your chance!

Our Mojo girls wonderful creations!









Remember to link your creations up by the 30th of August! Anyone can play!


Beth Perry said...

Cool! I just jumped over here from Marie's lo at flickr (which is way bad ass heee!). suh-weeet los from everyone!! I will have to just play again...he he..

Have a good hump day!


Kylie B said...

Oh wow what Fantastic LO's :) Thank-you for sharing

Christina C. said...

yaaay! what wonderful takes on this! love them all. great job ladies!!

Danielle said...

Hi there! Just saw this about an hour or two ago. I am doing "3 Ring Government." I'll have it to you tomorrow-thanks for the challenge, this is fun! I love your blog and check in often, I'm glad I saw this, I never do challenges, but this is my second today!
ciao, d.

Nichole said...

Ugh, I missed out on the last challenge, and just happened to check here before I started scrapping tonight. This challenge fit my page so PERFECTLY!

Thanks for the constant inspiration, girls!

danielle said...

Thanks for letting me play! This was so fun!
Here's mine, I used "3 Ring Government" off Wiki,

Can't wait for the next challenge!
kiss-kiss, d.

Spinvill said...

Just have to tell that you have a great challenge-blog!
You are such a _inspiration_ and have so great ideas for new challenges.
I am a newcomer in the world of scrapbooking and struggle to find "my style" and afraid to making a jerk of myself trying out things, but your challenges get my mojo going, and I don`t mind a bit just playing around and having fun. Thanks!

Simona said...

Hey girls, here is my entry for this challenge:

Thanks for the inspo!
Hugs, Simona

Viv said...

Hi, here`s mine it`s on my blog!
Thank you for the inspiration, and I love your LO`s!!

April D said...

Thanks again! Here is my take on this challenge

Bekka said...

I chose "A Victim of Gravity" -- perfect for the photo I used! Great challenge!

april said...

I love this challenge!!
Here is my take:

Lilian Schneider said...

Another great challenge!
Here's my take:

lisa said...

You girls are just amazing and soooo inspirational : )
I've gone with '3 is a magic number'
Here's my entry:

lis xx

Megan A. said...

the weather show

Here is mine, the glitter is mixed in with the paint around the edges of the photo and the page.

Julie said...

Okay - This challenge fits some paper and a family photo that has been on my desk a while. No great feat, but the title is perfect and just what this photo needed. Thanks!

Shannon said...

I love your challenges, they are so much fun... Here's mine...

Heather said...

Finally got around to doing mine. I know it's nothing compared to ya'll's, but here it is :)

Becky said...

I had so much fun with this challenge! Thanks for looking...

Donna. said...

Love the layouts!!!

I chose the title "3 is a magic #"

My layout is here:

Ginger Dougherty said...

So here is my take on the challenge...

Thanks for looking!!

Diane B. said...

Talk about back in the day! LOL
Great challenge!

Here's my take on it:

Crystal said...

here is mine
Hope Glimmer mist is ok for the glitter cuz I sure misted the heck out of this sucker!

Stephanie Joanna said...

here's mine:

such a fun challenge!

amy h said...

This was my first mojo challenge and it was soooo much fun! I want to give this card to my best friend before the start of senior year!

Here it is:

Sharmaine said...

I think this is the latest I have been with my mojo page!!! Dawned on me today it was the 30th so I better get my skates on and post my layout!!
here it is :)
Thanks for the mojo inspo!!

AuLore said...

am I in time???? anyway, this is my page


enfa.75 said...

Hi girls,I made my layout for this awesome challenge,hope you like it!!!


Starr said...

Fab challenge, always sure to find some mojo on the blog :)
My challenge entry is here-

Elaine said...

HEY! i JUST got my layout posted! I'm happy with the outcome and its very unique and non-traditional! Hope it Rocks the house!

Spinvill said...

Just had to do this one too! Thank you for inspiring me so much!!!
With all that love you can take, Spinvill.

Manda_K said...

Hi! I woiuld love to play! Is it too late, or do we have until the end of today?

anita l. said...

Here's mine:

anita l. said...

Had problems uploading.
Here's mine:

Manda_K said...


Hmmm, I hope that works and I am in time!! LOL