Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guest Mojo girl!

Ah this girl is super wicked great and she inspires me all the time. I am so glad to have her join us this challenge.

1. Name: Jen Geigley

2. What is your day job? I am a freelance graphic designer and a stay-at-home mom.

3. Do you have a spouse children...pets? I've been married for almost five years to my husband, Bo. He is super talented at skateboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, biking, off-road unicyling, and he's a graphic designer as well. We have a one-and-a-half year old daughter named Lotus, who keeps us on our toes. And we used to be proud owners of several reptiles, including a chameleon named Beavis and a ball python named Butters. But we found them new homes after we had Lotus. Pythons and babies don't mix.

4. Do you have a blog that you regularly post on? If so, what is the link. Yup, you can find me here: heyjenrenee

5. How long have you been scrapbooking? I have been scrapbooking since 2004 (but I made basic - very embarrassing - scrapbooks in high school and college.)

6. Where do you find your inspiration for layouts?I take mental notes from cartoons that my daughter is watching, pretty things I see on Etsy, Flickr, album artwork, catalogs from Anthropologie and Free People and Urban Outfitters, graphic design mags, and music that I listen to. I also love looking at all of my talented online scrap friends' blogs. My pages might not look like these things exactly, but sometimes a song will give you a 'feeling' and that comes out on the page, or I'll see a color scheme in a photo that I love.

7. What is your must-have item on a layout (other than the necessities)? Ooooh, that would have to be Thickers. And also found papers from magazines or catalogs or things I get in the mail.

8. What would you say your scrapping style is? What is your favorite technique? I would say my style is somewhat simple collage. I usually end up liking my cleaner, more basic pages best. My favorite techniques are using paint and stitching with colored thread. And using a black sharpie instead of an inkpad to 'ink' my edges. I like markers.

9. Can you describe your scrapping process? I'll lay the basics out on my page and then gradually add more elements/move things around until if feels right. I'll search through junk drawers and my stash of random 'life' stuff to see if I can find little things that will give the project a little bit more meaning or relevance. I am a hoarder and I keep everything. Then I have to stick everything down before I can move on to something else.

10. Where can we see more of your work (online galleries, etc.)You can find me on SIStv, and in my Flickr galleries: Red Velvet Kit Club, The Creative Type, and Work Your Soul.

**Thank you so much - I am so honored to be a Guest Mojo Girl!**

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Love this girl. She makes amazing things happen on paper:)